"He's gonna review and then pin your ass..."


He is finally here, to "review" all other vidya characters that oppose him.

The Angry Video Game Nerd signed a contract for the /v/WE as of 13/02/2012.

Notable AchievementsEdit


AVGN dominating 6 man FFA

Layeth Smacketh Downth on 6 man FFA against PacUniverse, Dave, Cell, Kratos and Bowser.


  • his battlecry, "AAAASSSSSSSSSSS", is intensely popular among fans. His loudest fans being known as AAAASSSSSSSSSSS-holes.
  • When AVGN eliminates an enemy, his fans yell that the game the victim originates from is AAAASSSSSSSSSSSS.
  • Eliminations on AVGN are called "Counter-Reviews".

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