Oh god

A rare example of what the founders, the hosts and the audience of TeamSwift look like.

Team Swift is a sports and curiosity channel run by various people.


After the end of World War II, the world was split into two - East and West. Luckily for us, the West won. However, without the thrill of constant war, life stagnated. There was no excitement, no tension in the world. That is when a creepy man decided to create a channel for nerds with nothing better to do; that man was Swift, and those people, my friends, are you and I.

Official documents say there are 12 founders in TeamSwift, however little is known about them. Some believe they have been dead for over 100 years.

Current DayEdit

Today, there are various hosts of the entertainment stream. Perhaps the best known is Antraxo, who is the host who had the courage to strike a deal with Skelenegro himself for exclusive broadcasting rights to /v/WE. Other popular broadcasting from Antraxo are his racing exploits, his documentaries on Train driving, and his delusional adventures outside where he believes he's a US Agent trying to stop extremists creating tanks with legs.