Deadpool moments before knocking Wesker out of the Royal Rumble.
/v/WE Character
Titles Deadpool
Series The Amazing Spider-Man DEADPOOL
Enemies Albert Wesker

Spiderman Deadpool is a minor fighter in the /v/WE. He is well known to shoot webs out of his wrists but has not been seen doing it in the ring yet; however, he has displayed incredible feats of dodging and counters thanks to his trusty spidey sense.

On the 31/1/12 Royal Rumble, Spidey Deadpool was responsible for Wesker's shortest lifespan in a rumble, through delivering a kick to his face at the ropes, sending Wesker to the ground.


  • doesn't appear to have a solid name. Shouts switching from deadpool to spiderman on regular basis.



Deadpool's final form.

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