Gotta go fast.
/v/WE Character
Titles Tribes: Ascend's mascot
Series Sanic the Warehog
Allies Crash Bandicoot, Donkey Kong, CWC
Enemies Altaïr Ibn La Ahad, Ezio Auditore da Firenze

Sonic "Sanic" The Warehog is a /v/WE wrestler, he is not very skilled and has never won a Battle Royale.

Known to go PIMPIN' SLOWLY highly contrasting with his theme.

Confirmed to have Jew Magic as he sets a table on fire during the match between Team Autism, with Sanic and Chris-Chan, versus Team Assassino, with Altair and Ezio.

Allies with Crash Bandicoot, DK, and former /v/WE wrassler CWC. He also shares rivalries with both Altaïr and Ezio.

Has faded into obscurity recently. Escaped from the city on 4/3/2012.

Theme songEdit


Sanic showing his strength by tossing the Roid Ranger out of the ring during a royal rumble.

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