Crash Bandicoot was a noted wrestler in the Vidya circuit. Feared by many in Rumble tourneys, but always managed to be beaten out some way or another. Was considered as one of the shittiest wrestlers to ever cross /v/WE, he showed no potential, unless he was hiding it under a mask(it seems that's the case since he's been able to eliminate 2 fighters in a really short amount of time, either that or he is incredibly lucky). He also was notable for being the longest-runner bottom tier fighter in the promotion.

Many don't know what video game he is actually from, mostly because his series is as fucking dead as Megaman's.

His lifespan on Royal Rumble arena ranged from 1 to 30 seconds, although he was improving before his death.

Publicly executed at the end of the Tag Team Thursday 09/2/2012. Unfortuneately, he wasn't given a proper burial as Gaben ate the corpse, DK made a trophy out of his skull
Crash ded

Crash ded.

, and Wario sold Crash's belongings on Ebay. Even his soul didn't find peace as it was absorbed by Skelenegro.

Team AffiliationEdit


How Crash was able to convince Faux to make a team with him

He was alligned with Team Furry, along with his comrades Faux and Sanic Hegehog. The alliance itself is shaky at best, as Faux was often ditching them to join champion team Metal Gear Fox. The amount of jelly given off by Crash when he saw Faux slap the shit out of Team TF2 almost broke Team Furry to a breaking point. Future matchups with the have yet to be determined. {C}{C It seems also Aku Aku(the Tiki Mask) got stolen by The Heavy because of his unhealthy addiction to hats, which made Crash mad as hell even though he can't do shit about it, he vowed he will stop being shit tier and get back his mask bro, but he's ded now.


Faux to Bandicoot after the match which made him a star.