Duke Nukem and Ezio Auditore are first entries
No roster

Pyro enters

Ryder enters

Giga Nigga enters

Altaïr Ibn La Ahad enters

Duke and Altaïr eliminated Ryder (1 each)

Ezio eliminated Giga Nigga (1)

Stalin enters

Duke eliminated Pyro (2)

Hitler enters

Obama enters

Stalin eliminated Altaïr (1)

Hard Gay enters

Hard Gay eliminated Duke (1)

Ezio eliminated Stalin (2)

Crash Bandicoot enters

Obama eliminated Hitler (1)

Big Smoke enters

Phillip J. Fry enters

Hard Gay eliminated Fry (2)

Obama eliminated Ezio (2)

Fox McCloud enters

Crash eliminated Hard Gay (1)

Billy Mays enters

Smoke eliminated Obama (1)

Billy Mays eliminated Fox (1)

The Terminator enters

Billy eliminated Crash (2)

Dr. Zoidberg enters

Billy eliminated the Terminator (3)

Buzz Lightyear enters

Billy eliminated Smoke (4)

Spiderman enters

Big Boss enters

Adam Jensen enters

Billy eliminated Big Boss???(NEEDS CONFIRMATION)

Spiderman eliminated Buzz (1)

Albert Wesker enters

Jensen eliminated Zoidberg (1)

Jean-Luc Picard enters

Wesker and Jensen eliminated by ???

Picard eliminated Spiderman (1)

Carl Johnson enters

Picard eliminated Megaman (2)

Gabe Newell enters

Redpants enters

The Hulk enters

Billy eliminated Picard (5, potentially 6th elimination)

Gabe eliminated Redpants (1)

Donkey Kong enters

Gabe eliminated Billy (2)

Raiden enters

Raiden eliminated CJ (1)

Gabe eliminated DK (3)

Hulk eliminated Gabe (1)

Hulk eliminated Raiden (2)



Billy Mays (6)




Billy Mays


The Hulk

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